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Anne-Marie Bloor

My name is Anne-Marie Bloor and I am a self taught wildlife artist from Perth, Western Australia. I love to paint and when I am painting I am in my happy place. I paint animals and birds, particularly Australian birds such as parrots and wrens. Something to do with when the eyes are in you can see the animal come alive. I just love to make the fur or feathers look real and 3 dimensional. After getting sick a few years ago I thought about what makes me the happiest and what am I passionate about. So my aim is to become a full time artist and gain recognition for my art. I paint in Acrylic and paint with very small brushes to get the fine detail. It can take several layers of paint to get the fur or feathers look real. I am constantly researching and learning everyday. That is the beauty of being an artist - its a constant journey of growth. I just love seeing other artists grow and build their art business. It definately inspires me and keeps me on track.