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Alex Platt

Alex Platt was born and raised in rural New South Wales. However being the daughter of gold prospecting parents, lengthy family trips were spent camping in the isolated desert regions of western Australia. Her time there was often occupied by drawing and painting, and exploring her surrounds. A desire to express herself and communicate visually was something ingrained in her character from these very early days. This connection with the outdoors, and elements of the natural world are still very present in her work today.

As an adult Platt pursued a career as an artist, choosing to remain self-taught. For the past 15 years, she has been exhibiting her work throughout Australia in both commercial and government funded galleries. Her work also having made it’s way into numerous private collections abroad. Now living France, her works are evolving as a result, balancing the two very different worlds of her past and present; That of her raw and familiar homeland, and that of the historically and culturally rich nation of France.

Her work is often autobiographical, sometimes whimsical and always thought provoking.