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Pip Phelps

Pip Phelps is a Western Australian artist with a love for painting beautiful turquoise seascapes, bright nostalgic coastal scenes and tanned figures in the Aussie sun. She aims to distract the viewer from the worries of the world with positive and nostalgic scenes.

Her figurative works show Australians engrossed in outdoor pursuits. "I’d like to promote a shift back to being active, healthy and in a state of natural flow in the outdoors. I’d like to provide a reminder to take time out from our materialistic and tech crazed lifestyles."

She longs for simpler times and you may see some retro visuals such as mid-century architecture and old movie references creep into her work.

Pip knew art was special when she could sketch a good likeness of celebrities and historic buildings at around 7 years of age. She did art at school, but ultimately studied podiatry at university. She now persues both careers, art being her passion.