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Carol Ann O'Connor

Carol Ann O’Connor is a self-taught artist who first started to draw at the age of 3. Born in 1957 in the UK, her art career began in 1979 when one of her wildlife paintings was purchased by Royle Greetings Cards of London, quickly followed by commissions from fine-art printers.

In 1984 Carol Ann moved to the Pilbara region of Western Australia where she spent 3 years before finally settling in Albany on the South Coast. Her time in the Pilbara gave her the opportunity to see and feel the magnificence of her chosen land and this began to reflect in the work she produced.

Each painting draws upon on the beauty of the world we live in and the beauty to be found in all of us, and celebrates our gift-of-life. Each painting takes hundreds of hours to complete. These multi-media pieces, worked in detail on illustration board, are embellished with gem-stones, pearls, crystals, antique and vintage jewellery making each painting an individual and truly unique piece of art.