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Anya Brock

Iconic Australian Artist Anya Brock is best known for her spirited and bold use of colour and strokes, exploring the connection between amplification and emotional mark making, creating a distinctive visual language in all her work.

Anya’s colourful original paintings and prints of close-up faces, nudes, portrait-inspired animals and geometric compositions, feature in the interiors of Australia’s most contemporary homes and her larger-than-life murals can be found splashed across walls throughout Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle. Her budgie mural that adorned four 10-foot tall windows in Perth was featured in the New York Times.

Her recent work investigates the brutality and beauty of the Protea – a robust and feminine flower that can endure arid and hostile environments brought to life by her fast and expressive technique revealing the inseparable intersection of softness and danger.

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