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Raelean Hall


Raelean Hall is a self-taught Australian artist. Using traditional painting styles in watercolours and oils, she paints familiar subjects including landscapes, portraits, seascapes, figures and still lite.
She has a great affiliation with beach life, with many of her beautiful paintings depicting the Sunshine Coast.
Holding a BA in Psychology (2002), Master and Doctorate in Art Therapy (2006; 2013), Raelean’s extensive studies in creativity and therapeutic portraiture have earned her international recognition. In 2011 she was awarded the $10,000 Rotary ArtCoast Award (Shadforth Art Prize) with representation and membership in New York.

"My artwork is never stagnant—rather it fluctuates in style and subject matter depending on my creative drive at the time. I still paint traditional natural scenery of the sea and bush, then swing into the semi-abstract world of representation. It’s the best of both worlds for me”.