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Sea Spray Art

Sea Spray Art

Raised in a salty sea town called Jurien Bay in Western Australia, Kiera’s passion for art and marine life combined makes for some exquisite viewing. Kiera’s artwork is primarily aerosol and acrylic with one unique twist.. It glows in the dark......Being mostly ocean inspired, the eerie green glow of the works at night combined with her original techniques finds you amazed and in awe. As a viewer ‘you get a real sense of being ‘there, they have a very three dimensional feel . It’s fun and whimsical. First timers to her glow in the dark art gallery are “Wowed”. Pure heart, soul and marine magic beam from every single one.

After opening her first exhibition in just over 3 months she has sold over 90 artworks, (over 800 in 5 years) being based in a very small coastal town of a population of 1100, these numbers are a huge achievement.

Photos do no justice here . This isn’t just art you look at. This is an experience... One that will awaken your soul. After soaking in the magic of her work You can easily understand why Kiera has had so much success in such a short time period.

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