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Our Mentors - Peter Ryan

With a background in animation and script writing, Peter enjoys incorporating his passion for storytelling into his artwork. Peter is inspired to recreate already picturesque environments into stylized trendy artwork, paying particular attention to the vivid palette of the landscape, but at the same time entertaining the onlooker through the tales of the characters.

His artwork has always been referred to as bright, colourful, fun, funny, sweet, entertaining and uplifting. Peter has an inimitable style to his art, it is very recognisable and he has adapted it to many mediums including, oil painting, pencil, outdoor murals, digital corporate projects, photography and jewellery. The humour mixed with his Australian artworks combined with the faceless figures find balance within their settings and allow the viewer to connect on a more personal level, seeing themselves or loved ones within the artwork.

Peter’s prints and originals can be found in thousands of Australian and international homes, adding colour, personality and joy.

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Connections Exhibition

Peter was one of the three artists in the CONNECTIONS Exhibition that took place in May 2023. Peter's exploration of the theme of "Connections" led him to create a range of works that linked together some of the different series' that he has recently been exploring.

From colourful characters flying on the backs of whimsical creatures, to little artists exploring the Western Australian landscape with patterns, to families playing in underwater scenes, Peter's collection for this exhibition was truly expansive!

Read more about the artworks and the stories behind them in our online CONNECTIONS Exhibition Catalogue


Peter hosts paint & sip workshops where he shares his techniques, guiding guests through the process of creating their very own whimsical and bright artwork. We hosted Peter for one of these workshops as part of the CONNECTIONS Exhibition in May 2023 and look forward to hosting many more.

Enquire about future workshops through the link below.