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Our Mentors - Kat Ferguson

Kat Ferguson is an independent artist who aspires to encourage the love of abstract art by creating vibrant energetic work that transforms any space…Her colourful statement pieces add joy to a space, whether it be a home, office or gallery.

British born, Kat Ferguson, emigrated to Western Australia in 2008. This was the catalyst for her to realise her life long dream of becoming a full time artist. Having left a successful career within pharmaceuticals in the UK, she set off to pursue new adventures on the southern hemisphere.

Shortly after arriving in Perth, Western Australia, she had the opportunity to move to the remote outback town of Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of far north WA. Here Kat worked as the Gallery Co-ordinator at internationally renown Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency. Working with indigenous artists from the Fitzroy Valley region for a number of years, before continuing her adventures further south. This experience fuelled her passion for colour and abstract creation. 

Upon leaving Fitzroy Crossing she settled on her current property acreage in the beautiful Perth Hills, surrounded by nature and fabulous seasonal colours. Her work is emotive and immersed in colour. Her practice lies in creating large scale abstracts, gaining colour references from the world around her. “Although I have painted many genres throughout my career, such as life drawing and landscapes; it is abstract art that pushes my skill set the most and truely gives me the freedom of creativity I crave”.

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Artist Talks

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